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For over thirty years, Dr. Nate Booth has been relentlessly studying, applying, and coaching others in the art of thriving in times of rapid change. Nate received his DDS degree from the University of Nebraska in 1971 and was in private dental practice for eight years.

In 1983, he decided to switch careers and earned a master’s degree in counseling. His first two best-selling books, Thriving on Change: The Art of Utilizing Change to Your Advantage and The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want By Giving People What They Uniquely Desire, contain compelling personal and business success strategies for a world playing a new game with a different set of rules.

Nate's latest book, Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets you can discover from Tiger Woods to be a Business Champion demonstrates clearly how Tiger applies his secrets of success in business as well as in golf—secrets that have helped him get to the top and stay there.

His company, Nate Booth & Associates, creates customized training programs for corporations and associations around the world. Clients include Aetna, American Express, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Century 21, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Kodak, Honeywell, IBM, Inc. Magazine, Kraft Foods, Mobil Oil, NASA, Norwest Bank, Northwestern Mutual Life, Prudential Insurance, Sanyo, Saturn Corporation, Siemens Corporation, University of South Carolina School of Business, Midwest Gas Association, US West Direct, and the National Association of Automobile Dealers.

Nate is married and has three children.

Nate Booth

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